The family: Hackney Downs Studios

The Russet is part of the Hackney Downs Studios family: a centre for creativity and collaboration in East London. Established in 2011, the space has been transformed from a redundant printworks to an enterprising arts and business hub.

Over 100 creative businesses reside here, from record labels to florists, jewellery designers to bookbinders, filmmakers to architects, vintage bicycles and a bespoke brewery.  Check out the Residents section of the Hackney Downs Studios website. There’s also a series of rooftops, railway arches, a secret garden, The Village Green shops and a monthly market.

Hackney Downs Studios is managed by Creative Network Partners who also run Netil House, Netil 360, Netil 000 & Netil Market.  Subscribe to their newsletter.


The Well Garden

The Well Garden is a massage treatment studio above The Russet back space set up by Lily Fraser for your deep and complete relaxation. An environment created to give you a place of tranquility to take time for yourself: to release your body and mind from your daily stresses and find your way back to a place of peace and harmony.

Special offer of £10 off your first massage and to hear of any future special offers, please sign up  in the box on the website.

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